BosLife Service

D Plan

Starting from   ¥459.00

Multi-Nodes in Japan / Korea / Singapore / Hong Kong / America etc.
BGP / CN2 / multiple domestic networks
Monthly data reset, flexible combination of data plans
Optimized for CMCC / China Telecom / China Unicom
Dynamic adjusting for nodes distribution
All nodes support SS / SSR algorithms
7*24 instant start for network services
No guarantee for game transfer speed
No remote assistance for client tutorial
No refund after purchasing, please consider carefully

C Plan - Redirect to CN

Starting from   ¥49.00

China BGP multi-line layout
China-US Direct (Shanghai - USTelecom)
Unlimited after-sales service support
All-platform SSR subscription support
7x24 self-service orders for instant use
This plan only supports proxying back to china
Do not accept any refund requests after purchase, please consider carefully